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Here you'll find more info on who is Sander Lenten, what I'm flying, what I'm riding, etcetera


Year of Birth : 9/2/1987
Size: 178
Weight: 70
Years of Xperience : 5
Lives in : Noordwijkerhout
Favorite spot: Noordwijk
Has been riding : Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela, Virgin Islands.
Why kiteboarding: I'm kiteboarding because I like to battle the elements of nature. With kiteboarding your using just the power of mother nature to do what ever you feel like. It gives such a freedom.
Dislikes: cold windless days and people that make a big deal out of something for no reason.
Listens to: Everything really. It depends on which mood i am at.
Occupation: I finished highschool and give some kite lessons now and than. At the end of the year I'm going to do my pilot license.

What brands of kites are u flying?
Flexifoil Hadlow pro and ION3
Why are you flying Flexifoil Hadlow pro and ION3 kites?
It's the best of the best ;) They ride well in all conditions. The HP is the ultimate freestyle kite and the ION3 being a perfect allround kite for the days I just want to cruise.
Whats you'r favorite kitesize?
Would be the 9m2 Hadlow Pro in high winds.
What brand of boards are u riding?
Brunotti Boards (Pro X)
Why are u riding Brunotti Boards (Pro X) boards?
I think they go well with my style and they let me progress so much. Thanks to the shaper Jinne these boards are the best out there for me.
What's your favorite boardsize/style?
Brunotti Pro X 128*38 with custom stance (43cm)

Tell us about your ridingstyle
I like to ride powered and let people go like...WOW..."that looked sick". I'm trying to bring some style to the sport. I try to get my kite as low as possible and make everything look smooth
Favorite trick
backmobe, because I like the rotation. Slimchange, because the feeling your upside down Mega loops, because it gives such a rush.
Your latest trick
Improve The style on all my tricks so it you can taste the power of it.

TAKE LESSONS! No joke... people get hurt because they don't know what they're doing...
Anything else?
Life is too short, So go kiteboarding!! Have a good day and go have an awesome session!

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