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As a Pro-kiteboarder I have the privilige to go to the most beautiful places of the world. Every now & then, I will try and give you some insight on those beautiful places and cool trips by writing a little tripreport.

You can find them here.

If you are thinking of visiting one of those supercool places, be sure to ask the sportstravel specialist happy sports! They now where and when to go, so contact them and be sure you have the best time!



Kiteboard Open 2006 - Het kiteboard en beachsports evenement in Noordwijk aan zee! sportmarketing

Cumbuco and Fortaleza, Brasil
When I came on the airport we had a delay of 2,5 hours. so we had to wait like a long time. at the check in I had only 22kg so that was cool and than the girl said: im going to give you 1 kg to pay. so it was ok. and where I had to pay I said im not going to pay for 1kg so she let me of free. it was also like 30 euros a kg. well when we arrived at the airport in fortaleza we had a ride to combuco so that was cool. im staying at a place that is like 1 min walk from the beach it cool. but its starting to get windy so im going to go kiting.

we woke up at 5am becouse we had jetlag. but the wind isnīt nice befor 10am so we had to wait for a while. I put together my board and went to check out aarons place and its pimping played some guitar and had breakfast. the wind picked up and we made a downwinder to the laguna with a 7m but the wind dropped a bit half way so where sitting, waiting wishing for some wind. but it didnīt came so we went home on this pickup truck. we where loaded with 12 people and gear. so on every bump we almost fell of. but we made it safe and went to grap some snacks. I was so tiered so I went to bed really early!

I woke up at 7:30 so that was ok. had breakfast and checked out the beach. I pumped my 11m2 but I had huge blisters on my hand of working the kite so much the day before. I couldnīt do nothing so i just went down to the laguna and chilled there. tomorrow iīm going to take some pics and film a bit so my hands can heal!

I woke up and chilled a bit fixxed some things on my harnes and went out kiting with my 13m2. it was a little bit underpowerd but it was fun. my hands where not yet healed so it hurted a bit in the salt water. We made a downwinder to the laguna and that was sick! after a hour at the laguna the wind dropped and I went to shore to wait for the ride home! when I came home we grabbed some food and went to sleep.

same thing was going on still not that much wind so we went downwind to the laguna and chilled there waited till the ride home. at night we had some food. we chilled in Aarons room and had some drinks to much! there was a best party going on that night and we wanted to go there but I was to tiered and went to sleep.

I woke up and heard what was going on at the best party and what I forgot and stuff. Aaron made a nice movie on his phone and when I saw it back I was just rolling on the floor laughing! after that we just went kiting like we do every day!

woke up had a super nice breakfast at our pousada and went kiting. down wind to the laguna with some massive kickers (waves) coming in! half way down the wind picked up and we where over powerd on 9m2. we came at the laguna and chilled there, but it was a holiday here. so it was super crowded. so we went of the water and waited a bit and the people went away. but also the wind dropped a lot.

we just got out of bed and the wind was already blowing. were just waiting so it is going to be a bit stadier. We had a pretty good session on our 7. it was less bussy then the other day! so we had more space and did some nice action. The day after we went down to Paracuru what is up more north and there I tried the new Flexifoil Fusion and guess what...its SICK!!That evening after a while driving and getting lost in the buggy we had a party in the jungle bar where we went, was pretty sick! The next day we relaxed a bit and got our stuff together to go to Fortaleza for the competition. we went ther with a taxi and looked for a nice pousada. we went to 2 and the seccond one was pretty nice. and only 10 min walk from the competition area. next morning after a nice breakfast we went out for our first session and it was good on 9m2 but it turned onshore and got less.

today we went upwind with a buggy to make a downwinder and I toke a 11m2 with me but we came there and there was almost no wind. so I looped my way back downwind. and chilled a bit till the wind picked up a bit and tried it on a 15m2 but wasnīt enouf and I cancled the day. weīre now waiting for the registration

This morning we woke up at 6:30 couse the skippers meeting was at 7:00. got ready and pumped our kites. I was up in the first heat against Gonzalez, and 2 other guys. The flags where hanging so low that you couldn't see if they where up or not. suddenly everybody was doing tricks and I looked again to the flags and the green flag was up. so I had to did some stuff but didn't advance. so I got to go to the second round and won my heat...and got to the 3rd round where I got to go against Rui Miera and lost this heat. So I didn't make it to the main event. So the rest of my time here I use to train

I wasn't in the main event. So I made myself usefull with running people back upwind. Ruben won the single elemination and kevin became second. in the double Aaron went from the 2nd round al the way up against Ruben in the final. becouse the wind wasn't that good the double elemination took till sunday morning. The final was Aaron vs Ruben and Ruben won the heat and became the winner in the freestyle. after the freestyle they did the wave event. but I went with Madison downwind to the laguna. and that was pretty nice. the only problem was that we had to walk back, but half way we saw a buggy and we paid 10R$ to bring us home so that was sweet

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