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As a Pro-kiteboarder I have the privilige to go to the most beautiful places of the world. Every now & then, I will try and give you some insight on those beautiful places and cool trips by writing a little tripreport.

You can find them here.

If you are thinking of visiting one of those supercool places, be sure to ask the sportstravel specialist happy sports! They now where and when to go, so contact them and be sure you have the best time!



Kiteboard Open 2006 - Het kiteboard en beachsports evenement in Noordwijk aan zee! sportmarketing

Trip 2 Cabarete
Cabarete, DR
After I went Delta-flying with my mom, she dropped me of at the airport in Dusseldorf, but that was like 15 before my flight was taking off. So i had to spend a night on the airport. finnaly the time was there to go in the air, but ofcourse 1 hour delay. I was so tierd that i slept most of the time in the plane (what normally is not possible for me). half way my battery of my i-pod went down, so that was a big peg. so after a hectick flight I finnaly arrived in Puerto Plata.

Ruben was picking me up but he didn't know when my plane tough downed, so we missed each other. Luckely a guy from extreme hotel was the to pick up some other dudes and i could drive with him. the wind was nice side shore and 30+ so i went for a session on my 7m2. After my session we had dinner and a small party where Jo and I left early, but then Susi, Maaike and Ruben came to kick our as out or our bed and we partyed on till 2/3 o'clock and went to bed.

Next day we had a nice breakfast and a bad kitesession becouse my jetlag kicked in. so for my it's early to bed tonight. and hopefully tomorrow is better.

And if tomorrow was better. I kited whole day and it was fucking clean conditions for my 9m2. The day after i went with Brunotti to Las Terrenas for a 2days fotoshoot for the new collection. fuck and the new clothes are fucking cool. didn't kite there to much but we had a nice spearfishing sessions. The big fish are to smart so we only shoot little fish, but it was fun. After we had a nice BBQ and went to sleep.

next morning we were up at 6 for a spearfish session and some photos. then we had a 3 hour drive back to cabarete. and had a not to perfect kite session on my 9m2, but it's warm so no complains.

i've been here for over a week now and hell i like it till now on. had some very nice kiting sessions over here. But the next week doesn't look to good for the wind. so i'll be doing some other shit then only kiting.

we woke up and there was no wind. so we went with a few people renting a motor, quad and a buggy. We were riding almost all day in rivers and moddy shit and it started to rain so crazy that we were wet in a sec. so we had to find a nice place to take a shelter. and then we fucked up the starting motor of the quad and we drove full into some nice deep pool of water on the road. We even tripped over the buggy. we went back home after and had some food and went to play pool at extreme and went to bed.

We had some none wind day's filled up with funny things like paintball and partying and relaxing, but from now on it's gonna be a focused way to the PKRA. there's gonna be lots of wind so thats good for a few more days of trainging.

2day there were super good conditions for your 9 later on even for 7. I had a really good session 2day landed almost everything. After a session from like 3 hours i was dead and quited. There was a photoshoot from redbull in El Quentro so I went there with ruben on his motor. I know for sure 2night is gonna be a easy night for me, I think.

Than The PKRA Started.

The registration is over and the heats are made. where gonna do a dingle for the trails.

Today is no wind so we all went to Susis room to chill and do some i-net and PS1 (Tekken3). now i'm of to the beach to check what is going on.

Yesterday the wind was a bit on sure so we had to stay close to the competition aeria. At 1 time the wind picked up and we all stressed and pumped up our kites for the trails. The judges wanted to go and there was the 1 heat going of. I was in the 5th heat and still pumping. They shortend the heats to 5/2 (thats 5min. heat and 2 min. transision time) so I had to go and hurry up. When I was ready and the first heat was done. it was raining like a mofo and the rain killed the wind so no trails.

this morning I woke up at 9 and had a shower and relaxed some listenned to some music. 10:30 skippers meating. I was all pumped up and ready to start. We didn't had to wait that long for the wind and started the trails all over again. I was up against 2 local guys and i was out on my 13m2. Came 1st in my heat so that means I go straight to the 3rd round. I had a nice resting periode. I was up and toke out my 11m2 it was lite but doable. The green flag was down so the heat was almost over, when they cancled my heat (because of the wind). We had a 5 min break and I grabbed my 13m2 this time. Went out did some nice trickes and got treu to the main event . The Dutchies in the main event are:

Ruben Lenten
Kevin Langeree
Youri Zoon
Randy Hereman
Sander Lenten

Today I woke up at 9 o'clock and had the morning sessions. you know shower breakfast and some relaxing with music. Than I toke a motoconio to the beach where the competition was. and pumped up my kites. It looked realy good and it became realy good I was in the 6th heat against A. Jaubert and had the heat of my life. I landed everything. The heats where still 5/2 so it went realy quick. I passed to the next heat and came against Cesar Portas and lost. The final was between Aaron and Etienne. Aaron won the first elimination. They started the dubble but after the firt round the rain came and toke our wind. So we had to call it a day. Tomorrow they take the competition to kitebeach. Where the dubble is going on and if there is time they wanna do a best trick.

The last day of the PKRA was a day with not to good wind. The competition area was moved to a better place: Kitepark. But to bad we were underpowerd on 13m2. When the dubbel elimination started was the wind a bit to lite and the heat before mine was cancled. waited 5min and did a rerun. I had to go against M. Blomvall and lost. there was also a best board-off, kiteloop and HP. After the closing ceremony was there no wind any more so thats sucks. I got pritty borred and was glad that i could go home.
Me and Susi

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