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As a Pro-kiteboarder I have the privilige to go to the most beautiful places of the world. Every now & then, I will try and give you some insight on those beautiful places and cool trips by writing a little tripreport.

You can find them here.

If you are thinking of visiting one of those supercool places, be sure to ask the sportstravel specialist happy sports! They now where and when to go, so contact them and be sure you have the best time!



Kiteboard Open 2006 - Het kiteboard en beachsports evenement in Noordwijk aan zee! sportmarketing

Two weeks away from reality
Secret spot
When we landed on the airport we had to wait a couple of minutes, because there was nobody there yet. Finally someone came took our passports and he was gonna drop em of at the bungalows. We took of at from the airport and landed at the bungalows. When we emptied the helicopter we had to divide all the stuff over all the bungalows. When we finished after an hour orso the bertram came in. So we loaded of all the stuff that was on the bertram. At noon there was an other car coming with more food in there so we had to divide that as well. When we finally finished we loaded up the dingy with kitestuff and went down to the kitespot. it was blowing super nice for my new 9m2. We had soup for diner and some cookies for dessert. We watched an episode of Prison Break and when that was finished we had to watch another episode, but when that one was finished we went to sleep.

Next morning we put up a big tent so we had more room to have diner with a lot of people. When it was a lil later on the day we had a nice kiting session on my 9m2, but on the end the wind died a lil and we called it a day for kiting that is, because we chilled some and went surfing after. When it got dark we didn't had enough light any more so we went in and had super nice piece tuna. We watched Prison Break before going to bed.


This morning when we woke up it was raining, but by the time I could get out of bed the rain stopped already and gave us nice blue skies in return. When I got outside there was a hummingbird stuck under the roof of the porch and we let it back out. The wind steadied out during the day and we went kiting. Once done kiting we went back to the bungalows and had lunch and we hit the waves again. We had a lovely diner again and Prison Break before going to sleep.

The beginning of an other perfect day. The sun was out the wind was blowing and the surf was up. We started of with a nice and slow breakfast to wake up a lil bit. When we woke up a lil bit we packed the dingy and went kiting. I was perfect on my 12m2 and had a super nice session. After a couple of hours kiting we got hungry and went back to get some lunch. The waves where calling out our names so we couldn't ignore that and went out peddling until turned dark. Took a shower and got ready to have a nice diner. When we where done with diner we took the car to some bar and had a delicious "pain killer". When we got back from the drink we hit the sheets.

This morning the wind wasn't really up for it. So we decided to go snorkeling and lobster hunting. It was so pretty. All those colors and crazy looking fish. I caught my first lobster with my bare hands. After seeing about the whole ocean bottom we went back to home base and figured out that the wind picked up a lil bit, so we packed up the boat and we went to another spot this time. The wind was light, but perfect for my 15m2. It was fun to kite in a different spot and we had fun. only the wind was a lil on/off and finished the session with downwinder. Before diner we watched 1 and a half episode of Prison Break and had a super nice lobster soup and a super nice curry chicken. We finished the last half of the episode and went to sleep.

Today the 28th was my girls B-day. We put together a kicker and it looks sick! We first did a run with the dingy full of kite stuff and then went back to tow the kicker upwind. When it finally arrived we had to put it in place and stabiles it. When it was hit ready we had to take the fins of the board and pump our kites. I went on a 12m2, but it was a lil gusty. So sometimes I had plenty and the other time I was working it like crazy. After hitting a kicker for the first time in my life I kinda got the feeling. At the end of the day I was doing grabbed 3's of that thing. We decided to leave the kicker where it was. We had the self-caught lobster for diner and it was super yummy and a nice B-day cake for dessert.

During the night the wind picked up a good amount and when we woke up everybody was on the move. So we had a fast breakfast and put our stuff in the dingy. Then went back in the bungalow to put some sunscreen on and went of to the kite spot. The kicker was still there. So I pumped up my 9m2 and was nice and powered on it. After hitting the kicker a couple of times I chilled a bit on the beach because my arm was hurting. It felt better after a while and went back out again. Only this time on my custom board, because it was to choppy for the kicker in these winds. I just went high and had a nice kiteloop session together with Madi.

The wind died a lil bit. So we had to go out with 12m2. but o well c'est la vie.

Old years day. The big downwinder. at around 11ish we all got into the car to drive almost all the way to the other side of the island. First we had a lil session for an hour or so and started the downwinder when everyone was on the water. The downwinder was super nice with some sweet waves coming in. When we got to the Cow wreck (a lil upwind from where we normally kite) we stopped for a drink and some burgers. When we where all set we got back on the water to go downwind all the way to the bungalows, but before we stopped we had the nicest wave riding ever right in front. When we got back in we had some more burgers for diner. After diner we had a lil chill moment before we went to the Reef Hotel for the new years party.


The first day in the new year started up sweet with a nice breakfast and some strong wind. I ended up using my 7m2. I was good, but I had to get used to it a lil bit. All was good until I did a kiteloop and ended up kneeing my chin. So I went in and chilled for a while. When it was time to go down we made a lil downwinder to the sweet waves in front of the bungalows. The wind died a lil when we got there, but picked back up later on... When the sun was down we went in and took a shower to eat diner. and we ended the evening with a nice and cosy fire.

The last couple of days where super nice. Where there where waves and wind. We hit the surf in the morning and afternoon and kited in between there. Today we felt like coconut so we climbed a tree and got one out. sliced it open and bon appetite.

This morning we got up early to go surf, but the it was either a lil bit to early for me or it where the waves, cause I had trouble catching them. After a good amount of tries we went back in to have breakfast and prepare to go kiting. When we got back in the afternoon we went back in the waves again and I caught a couple of good once. We had a nice prison break session after diner and we finished all of season 1 so up to season 2.

When we woke up we packed up the car instead of the dingy and went to a place where we started the downwinder last time and went lobster haunting, but we didn't found that many so we all went in accept for Nicolas he stayed out and caught 4 lobsters, so there was our diner. They made a nice downwinder without me, because I didn't feel like the downwinder, so I took the car down to the bar where they where gonna end up. I kited over there for a while, but the wind was a bit gusty.

This morning was the morning we left back to St Thomas. We had to pack the Bertram and we where ready to role at 2ish. On the way back we had the swell and the wind in the back so that was sweet. We stopped at Sandykeys a lil island infront of Jost van dijk and checked out the wind. It looked pretty good, but it also look super bumpy so we went on our way and got home around 5ish.
Da Bungalows

Cruising around

Bertram and bungalow

Flatting the kicker

Madi in da waves


Pretty sunset

Backterug Toptop

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