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Sponsoring is essential for me, to strive for the best results! My sponsors supply me with the kitegear and the budget to train, compete and travel to competitions. Good kitegear is the basis of good results. Therefore I am very happy with my sponsors. You can find more information about my sponsors on this page.

If you are also interested in supporting me with my kiteboarding carreer, don't hesitate and take action! Contact me through my guestbook or by mail and lets fullfill our goals togetter!

You can send mail to this address:



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Flexifoil supports me in my kite career by giving me kite material.

Flexifoil International has been leading the way in the Kiting industry since 1972. As the world's foremost designer/manufacturer of kite products, we aim to give our customers the ultimate Kitesports experience.

Based not in some exotic, Southern Hemisphere location but in Cambridgeshire , UK , the name of Flexifoil is synonymous with the sport of Power Kiting. One of the fastest growing outdoor sports, Power Kiting opens the door to hours of adrenaline-filled fun. Bodysurfing, buggying, skidding along the beach, jumping, landboarding, snowboarding, skating and more. And most recently, Flexifoil is at the forefront of the Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing phenomenon sweeping the globe.

Mystic supplies my wetsuits, harnesses and other necessities! The materials are of high quality and give me the freedom to move (wetsuits) and support (harnesses) to do that all day! Check out their products, when looking for decent kiteboarding materials Sportmarketing Webdesign Noordwijk has developped this website together with NRGsports sportmarketing for me. They support me with my career, sponsoring and communications and supplied me with the website you are now looking at!

They build this dynamische website, with a content management tool, so I can maintain all the info on this site, easy, without programming or whatever. Just write, add pics and upload with a simple click. I can do it wherever I have internet, pretty cool stuff!

They also organise the Kiteboard Open, that why the banners are here on my website haha


Werk in opdracht
Werk In Opdracht (Joris) is a photographer who brings it to the limits. One of the best Water and winter sport photographers of the country! The power and the passion of the action can be felt by watching the picture.

You want the best pictures? check the site!