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As a Pro-kiteboarder I have the privilige to go to the most beautiful places of the world. Every now & then, I will try and give you some insight on those beautiful places and cool trips by writing a little tripreport.

You can find them here.

If you are thinking of visiting one of those supercool places, be sure to ask the sportstravel specialist happy sports! They now where and when to go, so contact them and be sure you have the best time!



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US Virgin Islands
St. Thomas, US virgin Islands
Tomorrow it's finally so far...I'm trading this cold Holland for the warm and nice weather place St Thomas USVI. I'm going there to see my girlfriend again and ofcourse to relax and kiteboard/surf. I'll be there for a month and ofcourse i'll keep you guys updated with almost :P everything what i'm doing there! i'm going to buy a photo-camera
and take lots of pictures of the beautiful island and the kiting action ofcourse!!

Friday 16th of december I woke up at 5am to go take a quick shower and get ready to go to the airport. My flight was at 8.35am so I was really on time. when I came for the check in I had my boardbag, a weekend bag and my backpack with my guitar sticking out of it. I had piece concept that means you can take two pieces of luggage that can be 23 kilos each! and normally i'm always overweight and now I had some kilos over! my first flight was from Amsterdam to Madrid. In Madrid I had to wait for 2,5 hours for my connection flight to San Juan (Puerto Rico) but that flight had a delay from 50 minutes. but it didn't really matter because I had to wait on San Juan for 2,5 hours. and the delay would only mean less waiting there. I got in the plain and there was no one sitting next to me so I thought sweet relaxing, but I couldn't rase the arm seat in the middle couse it was stuck. half way I changed my time to puerto rico time (-5GTM I think). when I came down to San Juan and went to immigration first they didn't let me enter the USA...

because I didn't know the street name where I would be staying so I had to make a phone call and ask for the address. then it was ok and they let me in. so I went down to get my luggage from the belt and walked to my next flight. but they hold me at customs and I had to open my bags. I had nothing so I could go. dropped my bags at the place where you drop your bags. and went waiting for my last flight to St. Thomas. When I arrived My girl friend was waiting for my outside. We went to pickup my bags but they only one bag had arrived. and the next flight landed an hour later. so we went to town to see whats up and then went back to the airport to get my other bag.

The first day I went out over the balcony and I was shocked...the view is so pretty like right now i'm typing this story and looking over out on Magens bay and it is paradise. there was wind and we went kiting it was a little bit gusty but it was ok after a month of no kiting. I went out on 13m2 and had a nice session. after kitting we went for some food because we where so hungry it wasn't even funny so I got this huge sandwich with curry-chicken and swiss cheese and it was so nice. but it was so big that I was full for dinner. after coming home from dinner we went to sleep.

today I woke up and had some nice crapes for breakfast and it's blowing harder then yesterday so its gonna be a good nice session today.

Sunday we went to the harbor to buy a camera. There where two cruise ships in and they where massive. I got a pretty good deal with the camera so I was stoked. After buying the cam we went to the kiting spot. I wanted to test my new toy but the battery was empty. so I went kiting on my 13m2. It was stronger then the day before so had fun, but my lower back was killing me. I don't know how it comes but its not nice! So went home and chilled played some guitar. Had dinner and went of to bed.

Monday woke up chilled some and went on tour with my girl's bro. second time I drove an automatic and it went pretty cool with driving on the left side of the road and no clue what so ever who had priority. We went to go for a kiting session and we got there safe, but it was for me way to light, but he could go a little bit on his 12m2 but not really. I went in the water to finally test my new toy and it was sick!! the wind wasn't that good so didn't take to many action pictures. when the wind dropped almost al the way we went in the swimming pool for a photo session. and it was hilarious we laughing our socks of.

The alarm dad came to wake us up to go and drop stuff of at the place we are going for Xmas and new year... and we went with the helicopter!! that was my first time in one. and it was sick I got the shotgun (frontseat) so I could look around and I can tell you that it was sick...we landed there and dropped stuff at the bungalows and went swimming for a little while and that island is so pretty. on the way back I had the shotgun again and this time it was sick we went between rocks and we made a drop of at a cliff...the pilot is the bomb (pilot was mom) but the island doesn't have internet so you have to miss my updates for a day or 10... but don't worry I will update you after we come back...that night we had Xmas dinner with the family. I got tonz of presents I was stoked

today my back felt a lot better and I went kiting... I was overpowered on my 15m2 and I had a good session... after the great session we went to go load up the helicopter for the last round to bring stuff to the place where we're going. after that had to pick someone up from the airport, but he had an hour delay so we went to get some frozen yoghurt. and then picked him up...after we picked him up we went to Caribbean surf company. to spend our gift certificates... the store stayed open just for us and we where the only ones in there I felt VIP. Tomorrow morning early we going with the helicopter to the pretty place...

Saturday we woke up at 7ish because we had to leave with the helicopter to the place where we going to stay from today until the 5th of January. So you never fly in a helicopter and so you fly its as if it were a car... we landed on the secret spot and It is so pretty here its unbelievable. we got to go kiting and we where overpowered with our 13m2. It was raining and cloudy all day but we went out with a camera and took some nice filming shizznit. so after this trip i'll probably make a movie. then you'll really get an idea how beautiful it here is. couse you can look at pictures and it may say more then a thousand words but it's nothing compared with the real deal. After the kiting session we took al the food in the bungalows and took a shower. After the shower we had dinner and after dinner we went to watch a movie, but we fell asleep on that...

Sunday morning we woke up from the light that came in the room. I checked out the window to see if it was windy and it was. We went up to the same spot as we did the day before, but this time we didn't had to walk with our gear... we put the gear in the zodiac and walked up the beach and 1 man got the stuff at the place. it looked really I pumped up my 13m2 and I was perfect on it... sometimes even overpowered...It was sick after a day kiting taking pictures I went with the truck to the place where we had the gear, but then you had to go off the off-road so we did that but it didn't really worked out so we turned around and went to a nice bar and had some nice drinks. I drove the gear after that home with a few people. Took a shower and had christmas dinner... and did a few beers... now i'm gonna watch the movie we didn't finish yesterday.

Monday for a change its sunny again, but there was no wind... too bad... so we put a inflatable trampoline in the water and had some fun on that... when we got sick of that thing we went snorkeling... it was beautiful and there where a lot of fish. When my feet started to hurt from the to small flippers we swum back to shore. We had our minds on wakeboarding. So we put the boat in the water and started the engine. Suddenly the people on the beach where like screaming... WOW.... so I looked back and there was a small tornado coming towards us... and I turned my back into it and it hit me with sand... well after the sick tornado experience we went wakeboarding... I was the first to try. I got in the water, grabbed the handle and gave thumps up! The boat got into motion... SNAP... the rope broke on two places, because it was pretty old. After redoing it like 4 times it finally lasted. All the people were done and we got back to the beach and took a hot shower. For dinner we had lobster that other people caught. For me it was the first time I had lobster and it was nicer then I expected. For desert we had fruits. To live the tradition we watched an other movie...Pretty woman...We where so tiered from the whole day being busy that we fell asleep.

Tuesday no wind again... So today we took it nice and slow... We build up a tent, because we lost our bungalow for tonight. So we have to sleep in a tent 1 night. It wasn't really hard to put it up even though we didn't had a map to show us where, how and when everything had to go. With 10 people we went snorkeling only this time out side the reef... It was too far to swim so we took a dingy... Normally for 4 persons but this time we fit all 10 in there... and I can tell you if there where more people the dingy was on the bottom of the ocean. So we got to the place and dropped the anchor. Put our gear on and got out of the boat... When I looked under water. it was so beautiful. You can't write it down without a pen. We saw some sick animals... Like fish and a ray. We swam through some caves. When we came back we just chilled the rest of the day. Tuna was the fish for dinner tonight. I had mine medium and it was perfect. When dinner was finished my back started to hurt again... so I went to lie down and watched the rest of pretty woman. At bed time we went down to the tent that we set up on the beach. After a shadow movie from Madi we fell asleep.

Wednesday we woke up in a tent and it is my girls B-day. The surf was up so some people went surfing in the morning. When they came back we had some breakfast. Madi and Garett got the movie " Auto Focus" so of course we watched it right away. It's a sick movie... but what in space monkeys 2 where waves are sliders in this movie... so instead of a lot of waves, they give you a lot of sliders. My rating is 7,5. When we finished the movie we put our gear in the dingy and walked up the beach. When we came to the spot it looked windy so I pumped up my 13m2... but after some tacks I went in and pumped my 15m2 and even with my 15m2 I had to walk up the beach... after a long time walking up the beach my foot strap popped out and I was hungry so I decided to quit. Put my kites and board in the dingy and walked down the beach to the bungalows. Got some food and went for a shower. For dinner we had french fries and Belgian mayonnaise. For desert there was ice cream... I had "chocolate chip cookie dough" from Ben & Jerry's. Because my back still hurts I got some stretching exercises from Jose (the owner of Caribbean surf company). and my back feels a lot better after that session...Later we watched a movie "Die Another Day" but I was fighting my sleep but fell asleep in the first 15 min.

Thursday same story... We woke up and had our breakfast, loaded up the dingy with the kite gear and we walked over the beach to the same spot we always go to. I thought it was windy for my 13m2 but Garett was not even going so well on his 14m2 so I pumped my 15m2 again... did some walks on the beach and made some crashes. Then I took an under water camera and made some nice shots of Madi, Derek, Garett and my honey came by a few times to. After a hour I was cold and I got out of the aqua. I got hungry so I went back for some lunch... then watched "American pie 4: band camp" and it was so funny... after the movie I wanted to go back and pack my stuff, but then my girl already packed it... guess I o her. today there was pasta with red meat sauce or lobster sauce. I picked the red meat. and it was mmm. when we had finished someone asked me to get my guitar and he played some and made up some funny songs. For a change we didn't watched a movie but we played a game of back gammon, read and went to sleep.

Friday it was blowing. so we put sunscreen on and had breakfast. this time I also took my 11m2 to the spot, but when we cam there it had decreased and it was good for 15m2.till after like half a hour the wind turned a little bit and it was we packed our gear and wanted too check for an other place to kite. So we first went back to home base and some people went with the car too look if there was wind in the other place. They came back with bad news. the direction was good but it had decreased to much. So we watched a movie "Die Another Day" the one we fell asleep on two days ago. Of course at the end of the movie Mr. Bond had sex. Then we chilled and took showers. Madi and Garett are making a slider. That's gonna be fun!! But because there is almost nothing on the island its from scrap. Dinner was on the beach. We looked through the Guinness book of records. Went to bed read some and went to sleep...

Another saturday in paradise... When we came out of bed the dingy was already gone with all the gear. I made my girl breakfast. When we got to the kiting spot everybody was already on the water. The wind blew good for my 15m2... but I didn't quite feel it... so I took a break and went in the water to get some shots. It was blowing for my 11m2 when I came out of the water... but I was hungry so I got something to eat. I pumped up my 11m2, switched it with my 15m2 and asked for a launch. It felt so good finally with a smaller kite than 15m2. After I crashed to much I took a break. In that break it was raining like...WOW... When Madi went in the water with his new water housing for his new camera I went back in. It was still cranking. When the wind turned a little bit light and I was exhausted, I went to shore to pack up and load up the dingy. After we fought the munches, we took a shower and prepared ourself for dinner on the beach. After dinner we build a camp fire and after the camp fire we took a nap. When mom woke us up we went to "the reef hotel" for a couple of drinks and some dancing. till 10..........9.........8........7.......6......5.....4....3...2..1. Happy New year!!!!

The First day of the year 2006. The wind kept blowing whole night and got even stronger... so I wanted to pack my 9m2 but I discovered that I was missing 1 stick for in my wing tip so I just took my 11m2. This time we took the car for a sweet down winder. When I went out I was loaded on my 11m2. Then a big squall came and it started to get really windy and we took some massive jumps and then went to shore because after a squall the wind dies... when it stopped raining the wind came back 10 min. later and we where ready for the down winder. I was cranking on my 11m2 and just went super high and did some old skool tricks... When we came to the point of arrival the wind died a bit but came up stronger a few minutes later. So I took a small break and got something to eat. Then went back out for the last old skool session of the day. When we got back I was so flipping tired I took a shower and went to sleep... at 5:30 p.m.

The start of a new week here. We finished the slider, with thanks to the man with the tools... its not that big of a slider, but we made it out of scrap and its funny. We loaded it up in the truck and brought it to the spot where we always kite. When we walked up the beach it was already in the water... the wind didn't drop, so I wanted my 9m2, but 1 stick was missing so I was McGeyver for a second and fixed myself a stick of a piece of PVC. So when I pumped up my 9m2. I was stoked and it was perfect for my 9m2... There was a nice swell coming in so I went outside the reef for a nice wave riding session... After that day I was dead and i'm gonna take a break from kiting tomorrow and take some rest. After a nice swordfish and pasta dinner. We started a movie and of course didn't finish it and went to sleep.

Tuesday rest day. It was pretty windy again, but my body was tiered so I took a break, but than I heard it was not gonna be windy for the next days. So I decided that I'd take a rest morning. so I chilled a bit finished my book and watched a movie: "Oceans eleven". when that was finished we went up to the spot. where everybody just came of the water, because the wind decreased for a few minutes. So everybody was pumping 13m2 and 15m2, but I only brought my 9m2 and 11m2 to the spot. So I pumped my 11m2 and when I was good to go, the wind picked back up and I was perfect on it. I kited for 1, 1,5 hour and then it started to get cold. So I went back to the beach. When we wrapped up the stuff we walked back home. Took a nice warm shower, played some guitar and went to dinner. After dinner there was a show by the children here. When they were done I grabbed my guitar and played some sweet tunezzz and went to bed.

Wednesday...No wind. We had no milk any more so we took the truck and went to get some, but the stores were still closed. On the way back we came by a bakery and stopped for some banana bread, cinnamon buns and some eggs. When we got back I already was stuffed. So I passed for breakfast. We watched the movie: "Oceans twelve". when the movie was finished we loaded up the truck with people and snorkeling gear and went for some sick lobster hunting. It is pretty rough to catch them. I didn't caught any. But I saw a ray. After the snorkeling session we got back to the bungalows and chilled, before we went down to a bar, for some alcoholic drinks. Most of us had to much and that was pretty funny. When we came back I was so tiered and went to bed.

We got back to st. Thomas with the Bertram (a boat) the ocean was pretty flat so we had a nice and quit ride. When we reached the dock it was already dark. So we unloaded the clothes and things we needed and the rest we picked up the following day. The next day we got up at 6:30 am to go surfing in "Hull Bay" on probably the cleanest waves of the year (well the year just started, but from last year). Then the wind started to pick up and the next day we went out kiting at "Linquist Beach" first on my 13m2 but that was not enough so I came in and pumped up my 15m2. It was pretty funny because every sunday there is music there and a lot of people. So we gave a nice show. The wind kept picking up so the next day I was good on my 13m2 at the same beach. After that the wind turned a bit so we went out with the Bertram to "Hans Lollick" and there were some nice waves and a lot of wind. I was overpowered on my 13m2 but I was to lazy to pump up my 11m2. I took my new camera and got some sweet clips. When we were finished. It was almost dark when the engines of the boat started and we were gone... there was just enough light to go out side the reef. when we got home we had some nice lasagna.

The last couple of days we had sweet winds. Twice with 13m2, once with 15m2 and once with 11m2.

Friday the 13th and full moon...I went out to dinner with my girl...After a sweet dinner we went for ice cream but it was closed...So we went to "Blockbuster" to get some sweet "ben & jerry's"... Because it was full moon, there was a full moon party. everything was sick the music, the people. I don't know what went wrong, but the party didn't got started at "duffy's". So we went to another place called : The bouda bar. was a bit better, but still didn't got started. so we went back home.

When I went to the airport my girl dropped me of and I went on my way home.
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